For some years now Ricky Berry, CEO of Unify Houston Foundation has been evaluating the community to see what its needs are and what it will take to move to culture. He has visited a number of different events i.e. socials, discussions, and focus groups that has allowed him to come up with what he feels is the best ways to shift the community.

Inspired by Coach Jai of Jai Sneed International Mr. Berry learned the difference between community and culture and decided to do something about it. Unify Houston Foundation (UHF) is the support system to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Community of Houston. UHF goal is to build a strong culture by using the principles of building a house.

Moving from the foundation to the to the roof UHF will influence Identification, Unification, Education.

Identification to identify the needs and resources that we currently have or need in the community.


What do we have?

The LGBT of Houston doesn’t necessary know what each other are doing. Many times pioneers in the community feel unsupported because the only people that know and support their endeavors are the people in their own “backyard” i.e. close friends and family.

Consequently, our backyard feels like they are carrying the weight of the pioneers endeavors instead of community supporting the pioneers.

Unify Houston Foundation fixes that issue by gathering all the information together in one location for the community to see.


By gathering the information, we promote working together.

When you build a wall it is very difficult to build it alone, at some point you will need someone to help/support.

Unify Houston Foundation will promote the community working together and being on one accord. Much like building a wall we will provide support until you are able to stand on your own.

Support like advertisements, donations, workshops etc. are all examples of what this UHF will give.

Unification to unite the right people with the right resources helping to promote their ideas dreams and vision.
Education to educate by providing educational seminars, discussions, videos blogs, and focus groups all to help the community become more successful and like enlightened pioneers!


A writer once wrote “my people parish for a lack of knowledge”; It is the believed that the LGBT community of Houston has experience and suffered from this at one point or another.

Unify Houston Foundation fixes that issue by gathering all the information together in one location for the community to see.

Using our “Get Connected” UHF list the events that are going on in the community so that the community can be apart and support.

Unify With Us For A Great Cause

Help us today by donating to the cause! Unify Houston Foundation Nonprofit is asking every person to give $100 and every business to give $1000 or your best whether lower or higher. This will greatly help with building the foundation for not only the company but more importantly for the community to stand on!